If your business requires capable trucks that can handle a tough load, the Isuzu FX series is sure to appeal. Featuring no less than 8 different models with a variety of wheelbases, suspensions, axles, and transmissions to choose from, there is a truck in this series to tick every box. There are many aspects that set this range apart from its contemporaries. This includes:
  • Ownership Convenience: The FX range meets the stringent Euro V environmental standards, which makes it exceptionally convenient to own & maintain.
  • Hard-Wearing Parts: All FX trucks come with top-shelf parts that have been developed to stay the pace.
  • Exceptional Driver Safety: When your revenue is on the road, you want to be sure that your driver is as secure as possible. With the FX range, you can rest assured that there are class-leading safety measures in place to do just that.
For more information on the Isuzu FX series, feel free to reach out to one of our representatives. We are happy to discuss your truck requirements and assist you in choosing the model that best suits your needs.

FXR 17-360

The FXR 17-360 is the entry level model to the FX range of trucks, making it the ideal big brother to the F-Series models.

A 4×2 freighter with the fuel efficient 360 hp Isuzu motor giving you performance with improved fuel efficiency. This model is ideal for draw-bar trailer applications.

Isuzu Trucks FXR Spec Sheets



FXZ 26-360

The FXZ freighter range is another ideal 6×4 freighter model in the line up with a high output engine.

Combine this performance with a 7 500kg front axle and this model is capable of carrying 14 000kg of payload, if not more.

The compactor model is well suited for the industry and can be utilized to it maximum 19m 3 capacity.

Isuzu FXZ 26-360 Spec Sheet


FXZ 260-360 MiXER

The only dedicated mixer model in the entire range of Isuzu trucks.

With 1 422 Nm of engine torque and a constant mesh PTO making it ideal for a 5,5m 3 mixer application.

Isuzu FXZ 260-360 MiXER Spec Sheet

FXZ 260-360 MiXER

FXZ 26-360 6x4 TRIPPER

The FXZ 26-360 6X4 TIPPER model is specifically designed to meet all those demanding tipper applications and conditions.

With a dedicated tipper chassis and ideal wheelbase it makes this tipper model very capable with 265kW of power at your disposal.

Isuzu FXZ 260-360 6x4 Tripper Spec Sheet

FXZ 260-360 6x4 TRIPPER


The GXR range of 4×2 truck tractors are ideal for short to long haul applications with a typical semi trailer application.

With a GCM of 32 500kg on the GXR 35-360 or alternatively 40 500kg on the GXR 40-360 model, it offers the user two available models to choose from.

The difference between these models is the fact that the GXR 40-360 has an additional Thelma Retarder installed as standard equipment.

Isuzu GXR 6x4 Truck Tractor Spec Sheet

FXZ 28-360 Compactor Allison Auto

This GXZ model is a 6×4 truck tractor model capable of a GCM of 45 000kg.

Ideal for a tri-axle trailer for all applications. It is referred to as a good all rounder as an entry level 6×4 truck tractor.

Isuzu FXZ 28-360 Compactor Allison Auto Spec Sheet

FXZ 28-360 Compactor Allison Auto